My Pathological Teacher V •MattRoss✔️•

My Pathological Teacher V •MattRoss✔️•

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Darling☺️ By 46Nova_Lucius Updated Sep 10, 2017

Josephine Warren is a sassy, smart 15 year old girl who has lived in the same house since she can remember. 

As Josephine's mother pushes for her to get a job, a fellow church member offers her a one in order to help him watch his own children while his wife worked night shifts at the hospital. 

Little did she know, the friendly man who offered her a job immediately felt his heart stop once he saw her- five years ago. 

He knew he needed her all to himself, even at his new job as her high-school Biology teacher and swim coach.

  • babysitter
  • crazy
  • insane
  • kidnapped
  • obsessed
  • pain
  • pathological
  • stalker
  • stolen
  • student
  • taken
  • teacher
  • teacherxstudent
  • torture
  • traditionalist
MissMurderRabbit MissMurderRabbit Jun 01, 2017
Lmao, when he's thinking of replacing his wife with a teenager XD
missrosecluse missrosecluse Apr 05, 2017
There were like 1...2..3..4..5 reasons you should get the he'll out of there
ItThinks ItThinks Jun 09, 2017
Okay I am just so frustrated with everything about how they are living... Just aaaagh, sure u do u but I don't think I can read this because I get so frustrated .-. sry author, it seems like a really good story/book but I just can't .__.
OwlBanana OwlBanana Apr 23, 2017
I've only seen it once years ago so why does this remind me of "The sound of music?
MissMurderRabbit MissMurderRabbit Jun 01, 2017
Lmao, senpai noticed me???? *I'm so sorry, I couldnt help it*
SelfieQueen1738 SelfieQueen1738 Dec 16, 2016
Giiiiiiirrrrrrllllllll u gottta update that dude has issues already