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⇒ My Lesbian Roommate ⇒

⇒ My Lesbian Roommate ⇒

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itzprincessk By itzprincessk Updated Jan 13

⇒Alison Dilaurentis was the college girl, that all the boys loved, she was the university head cheerleader, she was adored by all. She was popular and was always invited to every party, every girl wanted to be her. But she was smart & was had a kind side. On the other hand, there was Emily Fields. Emily was the 5.0 gpa geek, she was class president, valedictorian and was most voted to success in life in high school. She was also smart and a kind side. What's happens when the two opposite attract?⇒

⇒Rated: R⇒
⇒Genre: Teen Fiction•Romance⇒

Leapyearbaby29 Leapyearbaby29 Nov 30, 2016
Okay. Because Emily thinks she's a lesbian. I was just confused. Thanks! @itzprincessk
Leapyearbaby29 Leapyearbaby29 Nov 30, 2016
What do you mean by a totally different story? Like Alison was mean to Emily? @itzprincessk
                              I just posted my first Pretty Little Liars & Emison story! I hope you can check it out! :)
Leapyearbaby29 Leapyearbaby29 Nov 30, 2016
So is Alison gay or bi? Because she had a boyfriend in high school? And who was the girl? - Munro McLaren @itzprincessk
itzprincessk itzprincessk Nov 30, 2016
Emily didn't care or think that Alison was princess just because she had money