My Pathological Teacher IV •LeePace✔️• COMPLETED

My Pathological Teacher IV •LeePace✔️• COMPLETED

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Darling🙈♥️ By 46Nova_Lucius Completed

Evelyn Clementine is a 17 year old sweet heart. 

She's new to town and, of course, gropes the attention from all... Including some Pathological....

Charles Montgomery was a very peculiar individual. All Charles wanted was for his son, Aiden, to be happy with his choosing of a mother to replace his deceased one.


Completed: October 23, 2016 



-Age Gap





patron_blue patron_blue Aug 30
^^^ you, author are good look at all these people you grabbed the attention of meaning the attention grabber is good.
I know how it feels. My mum seizes my phone for every small thing that I do and a few days after she gave me back my dad broke it😪
Um boi this ain't no teddy shop where you get in a pink laced box  for you the next day
This reminds me of my fav movi Trick n Treat! We're the teacher kills his fat diabetic student chopping bis head while he and his son carve it as if it was a pumpkin
Wow, I'm shook this kid is learning how to stalk at a young age. He's gonna have to take lots of therapy
Okay then, never mind I guess for you it does work like that...