How did I end up here? {jojian}

How did I end up here? {jojian}

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Graceful By blurryradios Updated Jun 19, 2017

The judge finally makes his decision after a few minutes of waiting passed.

"Ian I won't send you to jail..."

"I'm sending you to the mental institution"

Ian froze, hands cuffed behind his back, he would've much rather gone gone to jail then an insane asylum...

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head-gone-astray head-gone-astray Jun 20, 2017
I'm reading this ironically as many of my friends and I don't understand how or why people could ship this but it's still a good concept, kinda like asotm
-sophomoreslump -sophomoreslump Aug 06, 2016
"hey boys, ready to make this like the heathens music video?"
slitpig slitpig Sep 27, 2016
last week me and a class mate spent almost two hours making really disgusting dick jokes
Tom_Na Tom_Na Feb 26, 2017
well then maybe that happened at his birthday party where everyone was all at the same time
Candy-O Candy-O Aug 06, 2016
Yore in the psyyyyy, you're in the psycho circus and I say welcome to the show