We are INSANITY~Gene X Zenix X Reader (COMPLETED)

We are INSANITY~Gene X Zenix X Reader (COMPLETED)

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Kumiko~Chan By ZaneIsBae101 Completed

By day, I am Ebony, an emo girl with no social life. By night, I am Insanity, a serial killer. 

I am Zenix, that's what they think. I really am Insanity, a murderer

They call me Gene. They don't know that I am Insanity, a criminal. 


Cover by @CharaLovesChocolate

Mild language warning

    My friends sis is called ebony, I bet when I tell him about this fic he'll freak lol
    wait... Gene's mother? what about your brother: Dante? btw Maria aka Gene's mom would never kill...................
    Qhostie Qhostie Apr 05
    That was...a rather quick introduction. They seemed to get warmed up to eachother a bit too fast..but the book seems interesting.
    Hahahaaha You are stupid Gene, "What are the knives for?" DUUHHH! You dunce! XD
    Breezyp2 Breezyp2 Aug 06, 2016
    Seriously guys -.- Your just put in the middle of the night yelling WE'RE INSANITY... What would happen irl: You're either going to get caught or Some people might hear "WE'RE INSANE" and call the police xD
    landofthebrokenminds landofthebrokenminds Aug 04, 2016
    Wow this is truly amazing! I can't wait to read more. And if you need me to make a cover of this book, I will =3