Zane X Reader

Zane X Reader

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Lauren By IWriteSinsNotLemons Updated Nov 25, 2016

(This is my first story, so I'm sorry if it sucks) 

First kiss, first time, first fight, first arrest, first murder 
People do crazy things in the heat of the moment, I just wish it wasn't me 

All of 
these characters are not mine they belong to Aphmau I'm just using them in my fanfic so all right reserved for her

Personess Personess Oct 15, 2016
Also I have really short hair sooooo I cant put it in a braid
IWriteSinsNotLemons IWriteSinsNotLemons Aug 20, 2016
Me too! My closet is flooded with band shirts XD @lord_brooke2794
EmilyTheMC EmilyTheMC Aug 21, 2016
Im just.... Laughing for eternity, after reading "All i normally gang out with was Gray Fullbuster" im just..... Im just....... Im changing the Popcicle to Natsu.... HAHA! EVERYTIME I READ THE WORD GREY I LAUGH SO HARD!!!!
BlueLord100 BlueLord100 Oct 18, 2016
It's sooooooo funny how I call Travis snow flake XD I can't stop laughing ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️
xXAnimeGamerxxXx xXAnimeGamerxxXx Aug 21, 2016
This is actually pretty good when I can subdue my slight writing OCD thing and ignore the lack of punctuation. Not that I have a problem with it consciously, subconsciously I want to hack your account and fix all the punctuation errors. But I won't do that. :3
KittyGirl3263 KittyGirl3263 Dec 22, 2016
Wow I love the author's username it reminds me of panic at the Disco I write sins not Tragedies song