The Norm Games

The Norm Games

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Josh Hansen: You've probably heard a lot of things about me, but lemme just tell you straight on: people are liars. So forgot whatever  you've heard, and let me tell you my story. I should probably warn you though: This won't be an ordinary about a dork charming and the troll he marries, yada yada BORING! This is a story about a great guy, me, an evil dude who tries to DRIVE over me, and an awful girl who once tried to kill me. Yeah, you heard me right. She tried to KILL me. 

Chloe Wilde: You probably think I'm the bad guy here, but I swear I'm not. I'm just a famous fashion designer from France, who happened to be selected to star on the norm games. Nothing more. I didn't even chose to have Mr-it's-all-about-me as my partner for the show, and I definitely didn't try to kill him. No matter what he says. Truth to be told, I don't even KNOW the guy. So how could I have tried to kill him? I don't know either, but I got a feeling that with the right mix of drama, a splash of romance, and a little bit of humor, I'm going to find out. Care to join me?

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this sounds so incredibly interesting!! i'm so excited to read this 😁
you have one heck of a gorgeous cast for this story😍🙌🏻