The norm Games

The norm Games

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Sylvia Johns By liviajoy Completed

***107 in Chicklit! Oct.19.16*** Duos are selected to complete against each in a contest for popularity. Meet Duo one: Josh and Chloe - The couple.

Josh meet Chloe almost ten years ago and thing went down the wrong path. Took him a couple of years, but he finally built himself a better life. Everything is going right in his new life until he get's selected to complete in a reality tv show called The Norm Games, as if that new wasn't bad enough already, turns out Chloe is his partner for the show. Not knowing how to behave around her, Josh decides to become a jerk. Becase everybody knows Jerks don't get hurt, right?

Chloe fled back to France after the unfortunate events that scar her mostly great past. Ten years later, and she's finally let go of everything. Well that is until she's thrown back into Josh's life. Literally. Now Chloe must not only deal with her Jerk of a partner, but also adjust to life as a norm. 

Started: Aug.4.16

WARNING: A ton of grammar errors and very childish teenagers...but give it a chance:)

Girlfriend was pregnant? My jaw dropped seriously I wasn't expecting that.
jadajostis jadajostis Nov 20, 2016
Omg I ligit screamed the word what when i read the first sentence
This chapter looks good. Except for the typo in the warning that should be barely. Other then that, looks pretty good.