The norm Games

The norm Games

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The norm games By liviajoy Updated Nov 27

***107 in Chicklit! Oct.19.16***

They met in the past and both wished they never had. Now they met again and in the worst way possible.

***From the book***

Alright we are here!" E.T. says with way to much fake energy and a smile to match as the limo stops. I lift my head off the window and stretch my hands with a yawn. I try turning my head to the side to get a good look at the place I'll be staying at for the next year but don't really get much of a look because of Josh's loud girly scream.

"Please tell me this dump is not where I'm supposed to be staying for the next year." Josh says in a horrified voice looking at the mustard yellow four story building. The building has huge green Palm trees surrounding both sides of it with a few lined up in front. 

For the first and probably last time, I actually agree with Josh

"If you think the outside looks like a dump wait till you see the inside." E.T. says throwing a smirk Josh's way. "But yes and no to your question." E.T. gets out of the limo and heads towards the entrance of the 'dump'.

"What do you mean yes and no? It's a 'yes' or 'no' question. Not both!" Josh  yells at E.T.'s head rushing after him.

I rush after Josh rushing after E.T. but it takes me a bit longer to get to them since Josh and E.T. are both like 6ft with giraffe legs while I'm stuck at 5"2 with pig legs.

Life's so not fair! Why couldn't we all be tall or all be short?

Started: Aug.4.16

WARNING: A ton of grammar errors and very childish teenagers...but give it a chance:)

I update every 2 weeks and sometimes earlier.

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I cant vote because its saying user has voted to many times but i'll still comment
Never seen any like this.. :). I don't like it... I LOVE IT :D. Great concept.
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Omg I ligit screamed the word what when i read the first sentence
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I dunno, singing can be hard. Being famous is hard. Everyone is all up in your business all the time. . .
Dang you weren't holding back were u, on this first paragraph, hehe......
I am finally here, finally getting the time to read your story.....