My Special Human (Yandere Blueberry X Female Reader)

My Special Human (Yandere Blueberry X Female Reader)

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Jawstheboss By Jawstheboss Updated Dec 11, 2016

Monsters and humans live together on the surface. You were home watching tv. Then you heard screaming. You got up from the couch a rush to the window by the front door. You looked outside to find a horrible sight. Monsters and humans having war. You ran upstairs to your room and grab your duffle bag. You started packing your clothes, drawing pads, pencils, a sharpener and a pair of shoes. You dash out of your room, down the stairs and out the door! You didn't said anything, you just ran for your life. You looked at your watch it was 9:03 pm. You look up to see a big goat monster with armor. It swinged it's trident at you but you dodge it's attack and started running to Mount ebott. As you ran up the mountain you looked down to see the goat monster following you. You started running faster, then you finally make it to the top of the mountain. You walk over to a big black hole. 

"It looks very deep down there." You thought.

Then you felt a cold touch on your arm. You turn around to se...

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A_D-Williams A_D-Williams Dec 14, 2017
The picture actually scared me ._. It's 10pm and I'm kinda tried. So I'm kinda jumpy.
repressmaggy repressmaggy Oct 15, 2017
repressmaggy repressmaggy Oct 15, 2017
*bangs head on table * *and holds up middle finger while banging my head on a table *
Phosec Phosec Oct 18, 2016
Ten:You want L.O.V.E don't you?
                              Me:Nah, I want chocolate*pulls chocolate out of hoodie pocket and starts eating.