Cold heart of Hate (Discontinued!)

Cold heart of Hate (Discontinued!)

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Note: Both female and male Jesse will be in this story. This story will have smut and some violence. If you hate violence and smut then get out. This story contains Lukesse, Jetra, Axlivia and slight signs of Luktra. I hate luktra so don't think I like it. I just added it for the story.

Jesse and his twin sister Jess had always been happy. Jess would be the cheerful one while Jesse would always be the goofy one and nice one. They would hang out after high school with their friends to have a blast. But it all changed when the twins lost their parents on a car crash. Jess is still cheerful and goes to hang out with her friends but Jesse had lost his goofiness and stopped hanging out with his friends. He still had his nice side until he found out Lukas and Petra began dating. 

When Jesse found out that his crush was dating his best friend he became aggressive. He quit school and began his life as an alcoholic to drain his sorrow. Their friends never realized what happened to Jesse, no one but Jess. Jesse became abusive to his sister, he'll always beat her up everyday just to get rid of the anger. Jess was trapped with the new aggressive Jesse. She wanted to get help to help him but she was threaten by him. Scared and afraid what her brother will do, she never spoke on what happen home.

Jesse's friends never knew that Jesse had change because he fooled them. But when Lukas and Petra broke up they start to get suspicious on Jess' wounds. Will their friends find out about Jesse's new color and find a way to bring their goofy and cheerful Jesse they knew and love? Or will they fall into his deadly wrath. Read to find out.

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