The Blind One

The Blind One

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this fanfiction is about Natsu and Lucy 

Natsu is a popular kid and has many friends in school. he is in a group with Erza, Jellal, Gajeel, Levy, Gray and Juvia. 

Lucy is a Blind girl and has no friends due to her condition she is also the new girl in FairyTail High. one day lucy bumps into natsu at school. and thats when the friendship starts.

leahtigger7 leahtigger7 3 days ago
She imagens people by the way they sound and how they speak :)
Well he has onyx eyes so you'll be in for a surprise of you ever get to see again of if they describe him to you ;)
..... O.o What have you cried over so much that you've lost all those tears???
*reads the note from author-chan*
                              Me:AUTHOR-CHAN WHAT FID YOU DO