Hazel Rain

Hazel Rain

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CPDRuzekfan By CPDRuzekfan Updated a day ago

A pretty Adam Ruzek-centric story, when tragedy strikes Adam's immediate family how will he cope? 

What does it mean for Kim and Sean's burgeoning relationship?

For Burzek fans, Burzek is and will always be endgame for me, so please give this one a chance.

An idea from @laissa35

KateNieman KateNieman Aug 04
Love this always begged me, that brief scene of Kevin having a beer with Roman. Adam needs his friends! Can't wait for next chapter. Love Hazel
Love it except for the broman ha waiting for the promised burzek ha
It will be interesting to see and if broman will stay a couple throughout and what will happen with Adam and his best friends
KateNieman KateNieman Aug 05
Love this except Broman... Just can't..have read a few stories where Roman gets very dark. Ashamed  to say I loved it. Feel bad as I liked  them as partners. Then poor storyline almost destroyed their characters !I hope  Kyle and family are ok.
KateNieman KateNieman Aug 04
Forgot to mention I have  3 hippie grandchildren whose middle  names are River, Sky and Ray !
Laissa35 Laissa35 Aug 04
I like the beginning of the story, I look forward to reading the sequel :) :) It was just an idea, it is you the author but thank you :) :)