Protector // Vikklan Mpreg

Protector // Vikklan Mpreg

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:): You decide By VengefulDesires Updated Jul 31

A Vikklan Novel
Werewolf// Male Pregnancy

"You are protected, my Luna."

\or as/

Vikk finds himself getting attacked by a wolf as he walks home from school through the forest beside the sidewalk / despite his mother always telling him not to do so \ and he finds that the only safety is making it to his back yard where the wolf will not go. He discovers it's a werewolf by techniques he was lucky to know because he adores mythological creatures, and he promises himself to not go back, but he does no matter how much he knew he shouldn't. He's attacked again, and this time he can't escape it, but what would happen if he was saved by the alpha and had his entire life thrown around and changed? 

If you do not like explicit content / sex and/or mature scenes\ do not read the following story.
If you do not like male pregnancies, do not read this novel. 
If you do not like werewolf based stories, I advise to not read this one.
And importantly, if you do not support LGBT relationships, do not read this story as it will offend you highly with the many scenes of gay context or actions.

I own neither Lachlan, Vikk, or anyone in the story unless stated otherwise. I'd advise for the plot to stay my own and for the work to stay under my control. Thank you.

VengefulDesires, OUT~

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Luodos Luodos May 03
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
                              Somehow I think it's like he writes everything down that happened to him and the teacher's like: Tf is this childs mind? ಠ‿ಠ
You're talking about human rights and here you are yelling at him for daydreaming??🤔
How to Spot a Main Character: 
                              1) They sit by the window
                              2) They don't pay attention in class
missmagic5 missmagic5 Jul 26
I misread the second sentence and thought it said "black canvas if white" and got really confused
Lvnely_R1ver Lvnely_R1ver Nov 29, 2016
i can picture it but I feel like it is the same size as the three headed beast of the underworld forgot its name
Lvnely_R1ver Lvnely_R1ver Nov 29, 2016
he's obsessed. loving this story every word is like a golden treasure deliciously sounding in my over-imaginative mind!!