The gang leaders daughter and soon to be gang leader

The gang leaders daughter and soon to be gang leader

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THE QUEEN TRINY By batmanisbeast Completed

Sam is the daughter of the most wanted and most dangerous gang leader. She's soon to be the gang leader of the the black nights. She takes pride in that and she's known around the world to.

Hi my name is Sam short for Samantha. Im 16 and soon to be gang leader of the black nights. I have a younger brother he's 13.I'm also a type 1 assassin and crazy as hell.

Hi I'm Jake I'm 17 I have a younger sister she's 13.I'm also a bad boy at school and sorta a player but not by much.

Will they fall in love find out.

Sneak peak of a chapter 

"Wha what are you doing" I asked looking at him in the eyes. He smirked "something I wanted to do for a long time" he smashed his lips on mine.

I kissed back Asher made me miss him and made me realize I l-love him.

_GlasnOst_ _GlasnOst_ Mar 10
Bish i wish i could just be like oh this mansion is really small could we like possibly get a a bigger one
aliyah_____ aliyah_____ Dec 21, 2016
                              I'm assuming that's where you got the name juice from?
That looks more like a castle than a mansion. One of my dream houses
k3z1ah k3z1ah Jan 05
Blacks a shade not a colour. I get told this all the time and it's fūcking annoying do from now on I announce it a colour 🖤
madisonbeer51626 madisonbeer51626 Nov 18, 2016
Yass I cant wait to see the reactions when people see the tattoo coz she's wearing a crop topp
anniquedelange anniquedelange Nov 15, 2016
In real life its actually those thingies they use to pick up sand and stuff on construction sites