The gang leaders daughter and soon to be gang leader

The gang leaders daughter and soon to be gang leader

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THE QUEEN TRINY By batmanisbeast Completed

Sam is the daughter of the most wanted and most dangerous gang leader. She's soon to be the gang leader of the the black nights. She takes pride in that and she's known around the world to.

Hi my name is Sam short for Samantha. Im 16 and soon to be gang leader of the black nights. I have a younger brother he's 13.I'm also a type 1 assassin and crazy as hell.

Hi I'm Jake I'm 17 I have a younger sister she's 13.I'm also a bad boy at school and sorta a player but not by much.

Will they fall in love find out.

Sneak peak of a chapter 

"Wha what are you doing" I asked looking at him in the eyes. He smirked "something I wanted to do for a long time" he smashed his lips on mine.

I kissed back Asher made me miss him and made me realize I l-love him.

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XxCKCxX XxCKCxX Jul 30, 2017
Hold up, first of all she has a mansion and she sleeps in a sleeping bag 😂
                              ~ I'm so confused ~
jaybezzy jaybezzy Jul 11, 2017
My parent have a mansions but  none as smalls as that but the stair on the outside we don't have
kyraaqueenie27 kyraaqueenie27 Oct 25, 2017
I'm having a washed out blue dye not sure about it looking on my afro.
KillerFrost-Flash KillerFrost-Flash Oct 13, 2017
I'm giving you pass, but if you piss me off in any way you lose the pass until something makes me happy again
XxCKCxX XxCKCxX Jul 30, 2017
When her father said "la" I thought he was cut off then I read the next sentence and I was like 'this make no sense how she know where she moving to' and then I read "la" again and I was like ' 😱😑'
jaybezzy jaybezzy Jul 11, 2017
Go to your picture and make it big so it will like a picture not something  photo shot