Writer Games: The World Upside Down

Writer Games: The World Upside Down

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C. A. Kersey By CAKersey Updated Nov 11, 2016

In the Middle Ages, a man by the name of Gideon Cahill attempted to created a serum which could cure any illness. Instead, his potion, in its entirety, could give one perfection. It has been separated into four, each part guarded by a branch of the Cahill family.

Lucian: the tactical
Janus: the artistic
Ekaterina: the intellectual
Tomas: the athletic

Will you join the hunt?

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TheFactionless TheFactionless Aug 05, 2016
Oh my god! I love the 39 Clues. I never finished the series though but I've always had every intent to. The 39 Clues is like my childhood reading 😄 I'm so excited for this! (Even if I don't make the auditions) hahaha
MagmaKepner MagmaKepner Aug 09, 2016
Listen it's super bad that I've spent all this time since you posted this thinking it was a mistake because 1600 CE was in the future..
-erudite- -erudite- Aug 05, 2016
MagmaKepner MagmaKepner Aug 05, 2016
I'm actually giving away the 10th, eleventh and special vesper edition of 39 clues xD I just can't read series that continue any longer than like three years. They're still coming out with more! But I CANT WAIT PLS START now so it can actually be first task September 1 ;)
Squad53 Squad53 Aug 07, 2016
wait until josie sees this she's gonna flip out lol
                              I love the 39 clues too, don't get me wrong, just a lot less... violently ? lol
fiery-hallows fiery-hallows Aug 05, 2016
OMG. 39 CLUES! I used to read it when I was a kid! I almost forgot about the series now...but this definitely brought it back to light! This is really interesting! Highly looking forward to it!