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Warriors RP Book 3

Warriors RP Book 3

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"On days like these, kids like you.... SHOULD BE BURNING IN HELL." Sanzter & UNDERRISE For Life! By SanzterUnderRise Completed

Meltedstar has been defeated by the Youthful Three and the Nine Shadows, Nine-TailsSpirit, Skyleap, Moonripple and Kurama. With Nine-TailsSpirit earning her warrior name along with Flamingblaze, Frozenriver and Foxshade, she strives to rid both Clans of the pain and hatred that stirs within them like lurking shadows. As Nine-TailsSpirit gets to finally feel what it's like to live the life of a warrior instead of fighting for their lives everyday, she becomes the mate to Flamingblaze and one of the most respected warriors of both Clans along with Skyleap, Moonripple, Frozenriver, Foxshade, Falconstrike, Flamingblaze and Midnightstar. As Nine-TailsSpirit aims to help both Clans and protect everyone from outside dangers, Midnightstar, new leader of DeadClan, declares that she will change DeadClan's name to AshClan. To signify that Deadstar's Clan is no more and that the new cats have risen from the ashes of the flames that the DeadClan leader had ignited long ago. With so many things happening and the Gathering approaching, many cats undergo many difficult changes such as Gingerfang changing from a blood-thirsty cat to a loyal, dependable and trustworthy warrior of DeadClan. And Nine-TailsSpirit having to go through the change of the war times to the peace times, and since she was born during war and when she first went out of the nursery she was in another war, she explains it to be very hard and almost impossible for her to change. Especially since she's lived in the war environment her entire life, Nine-TailsSpirit later states that she can never get out of the war environment and that she knows there will always be danger lurking out there in the shadows, whether from the Clans or from beyond the Clan territories. Nine-TailsSpirit sadly couldn't undergo change and is still on guard as if the possessed Meltedstar were still here, trying to take her powers and trying to do Deadstar's dirty work for him...

InTheLightOfDawn InTheLightOfDawn Oct 15, 2016
Skyleap rounded on Rose. "And why shouldn't we?" She demanded, narrowing her eyes. "He gave the AshClan cats the same chance."
SanzterUnderRise SanzterUnderRise Sep 28, 2016
(Gonna do the forms for the kits? I'll do two of them if you don't mind) @Animeangel45
_TaNnER-MaRrIoT_ _TaNnER-MaRrIoT_ Oct 12, 2016
Smokegaze silently watched the cats from his hiding place behind the bush. His eyes narrowed at Rose
                              @Sanszterunderrise @Animeangel45 @Starlingshade
Animeangel45 Animeangel45 Oct 07, 2016
"Brokenmoon, Wanna come?" He purrs.
                              She got to her paws. @InTheLightOfDawn  @Is_karl_dusachtach
SanzterUnderRise SanzterUnderRise Sep 11, 2016
Accepted, do you want one of the queens to take her in and foster her? Dandelionbreeze is open for that but I don't think Glidingbird will be since she's expecting. @xXCresseliasDreamXx
Ravenstride Ravenstride Oct 07, 2016
                              Golden she-cat with black spots and blue eyes
                              Serious, Calm, Careful, Loyal, and Noble 
                              Kin: Nah 
                              Backstory: Normal