"Stage" Gay. || Brallon ||

"Stage" Gay. || Brallon ||

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mr_benzedrine_ By mr_benzedrine_ Completed

It's just stage gay... '' Stage '' Gay...

|| smut warning || cringe warning ||

I'm rewriting this book soon..

Well haha goodbye dirty-mess time to go read something like... idk innocent
RyanRossWhore RyanRossWhore 6 days ago
Everyone's saying slow down but I bet everyone here has seen a hot stranger and immediately wanted them
Hmm I totally do NOT have a real-life example of someone who likes Dr. Pepper
RyanRossWhore RyanRossWhore 6 days ago
One of my close friends has a stuttering problem and stutters are so fuckking cute, like when people stutter it's adorable, when my friend stutters it's adorable, so if Dallon stutters i bet it would be so cute
lol not anymore after my mum spilt a whole can on my fuckinh $900 phone
Well that escalated quickly didn't it?
                              Yet I'll still read cos I'm ...