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LouWilliamTommo By LouWilliamTommo Updated Nov 20, 2013

You yawned as you made some tea. You looked out the window at the private ski lodge you were at and sipped your tea. Your family dragged you up here but you weren't much of a ski person.

"Mind if I have a cuppa?" A voice said behind you.

"Sure, I made enough." You turned around and smiled at the guy that walked in.

"Thanks, why didn't you go out?" He sat by you at the window.

"I don't do skiing." You shrugged and looked at him. "You?"

"I like sleeping late, and warmth." He chuckled.

"Same." You smiled. "I'm (Y/N)." You held out your hand.

"Ed." He smiled as well and shook his warm hand with yours. "Wanna go for a walk?"

You thought about it and nodded. "Why not?" You smiled and got your jacket on and walked out with him. "Holy shit its cold." You hugged yourself.

He nodded. "This is why I never go out." He smiled at you and looked at his breath fog. "Let's go around back; there was this small shed I saw."

You saw he was excited and followed. "We won't get lost will we?"


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edsstalker edsstalker Oct 22, 2017
😂 maybe if we remove the things keeping the heat we'll get warmer. SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN
fvckjhope fvckjhope Sep 24, 2017
maybe if we strip ourselves of the one thing keeping us warm we will be warm
NurImanz NurImanz Feb 15, 2017
This is so stupid. Why not hug each other [with clothes on] for warmness? Gosh
Awesomerandomperson1 Awesomerandomperson1 Jan 27, 2016
Okay. I have a problem. Sex doesn't make a relationship. It enhances it. It was a hook up for survival hun. Not love.
PrOxY-In-TrAiNiNg PrOxY-In-TrAiNiNg Mar 30, 2015
You are weird ... You hate Ed sheeran smut , yet you read it anyway . Yea smut is mostly sick and horribly graphic , I get that , but it still makes no sense. I don't know , maybe it is just me overreacting but I'm puzzled.
GingerNineIncher GingerNineIncher Oct 04, 2014
Oh my god I hate Ed Sheeran smut but this is just too cute. I love it. :)