Lifetime Love- Adopted By Phan

Lifetime Love- Adopted By Phan

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My baby girl By Fabulous_Killjoy2000 Updated 3 days ago

Zanna Aimee Petit wasn't your normal girl. When she was 12 she moved to England from France as an orphan. She was orphaned at the age of 8 after her parents tried to leave her on the streets in front of a church because she was 'a spawn of the devil'.

The next thing she knew she was in England, the city where her parents were last seen. She knew very little English and didn't talk. Now Zanna is 13 years old and has a better vocabulary, but terrible social skills. 

Then before she knew it she was living with two lovable and awkward men who were in love. Those two men were called Dan Howell and Phill Lester, also known as Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil. Her life changes in a matter of months, but other things happen that you would never believe.

Hey! Alex here. So I wanted to write another adopted by Phan because, why not. If you haven't yet why not read the Perfect series?

CO-AUTHOR- @Dannyboi1031 (she is also IRL Lexis)

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Je suis allè au cinêma avec Zanna, et je vais mangé de Pizza et des frites.
                              I do french class. I also do german. My teachers say i'm 'naturally gifted' 😂
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Is it odd that my favorite color is black, my taste in music is ukulele rap screamo (and your face), but I still want to marry Harry Styles?
mistylily30 mistylily30 Feb 07
Just to say, Aimee is my name and Aimee is one of her name's, I'm happy
HeyyOli HeyyOli Aug 20, 2016
If you meant to say "Sorry for being late," you would more likely say "Je suis désolé pour être en retard." Otherwise it's just I'm sorry late. Désolé works by itself as well, if you are just saying sorry but either way is correct. 😀
Dannyboi1031 Dannyboi1031 Aug 08, 2016
Glad ur alive if u died i would b chesed that the books arnt done & that u r dead but mostly the books
HeyyOli HeyyOli Aug 20, 2016
"Je suis adopté" ou "J'étais adopté"
                              Aussi, l'autre fille est feminin: heureuse. 
                              Vraiment désolé pour mes corrections