My City Boy (Troyler AU)

My City Boy (Troyler AU)

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Becca By tyleroakleyordie Updated Nov 28, 2017

Troye Sivan Mellet and Tyler Oakley, two completely different people from completely different upbringings. When they accidentally meet, Troye is very interested in Tylers lifestyle as a city boy but Tyler couldn't care less about Troyes sheltered and spoiled world. 

As they grow closer, and the more they learn about each other, they discover that they're really not so different after all. 

*Smut warning*

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Hey_Im_GAYYYYYYY Hey_Im_GAYYYYYYY Aug 06, 2017
For the french part I was looking at the comments for a translation
nohootsgiven nohootsgiven May 01, 2017
IliDianaHoran IliDianaHoran Nov 28, 2017
Manquer is missing, the miss you meant is madame though, don't trust online translations darling
HeyPeopleOfTheWorld HeyPeopleOfTheWorld Jun 06, 2017
Translation: Yes, absolutely, Miss (I'm presuming you meant mademoiselle instead of manquer which means to miss [something])
HeyPeopleOfTheWorld HeyPeopleOfTheWorld Jun 06, 2017
You are very beautiful, you have the most beautiful eyes. Like an angel, mister.
HeyPeopleOfTheWorld HeyPeopleOfTheWorld Jun 06, 2017
Lenore, thank you, but I must go. I will see you tomorrow, Miss