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June By JuneValentine Updated Sep 07, 2016

"Don't worry, kid. We're a family here." 


Placed in the mountains of Texas, a pack of twenty-four thrives and depends on one another as their domesticated lifestyle intertwines with their own inherent behaviors. Join the Liaison pack and each of their stories as the tight society of the werewolf community brings forward betrayal, loss, new beginnings, and most importantly, love. 

(It's basically a verse about 24 of my OCs as werewolves. Don't regret anything. Copious amounts of fluff and probably some tears because that's just who I am.) 
*This is not adhering to chronological order*

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loyalmoon loyalmoon Jun 09, 2017
This is so realistic like it brought me back to when I'd walk barefoot in the streams behind my house. Your toes curl, digging into rock or soft dirt. The water flows over your foot and such good memories brought back thank you
loyalmoon loyalmoon Jun 09, 2017
Thank you for putting this here, I have so much respect for people that do this; people who think of another's wellbeing when it comes to serious topics that might trigger them. Putting a person, a strangers wellbeing first is such a respected and appreciated quality <3
WinterHasCome7 WinterHasCome7 Aug 04, 2016
I ship them OuO
                              Any way, this is epic. I mean... is in Texas!