King of Alphas

King of Alphas

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lisha_f By lisha_f Updated 4 days ago

#61 in Werewolf- December 28/16

When seventeen year old Elizabeth Kennedy heads to Virginia with her best friend Rosalyn for an archery tournament, life becomes not-so-normal for these two. 

When Elizabeth finds out that werewolves exist, she thinks its a joke. But when she learns that she's the Alphas mate who is the King of all Alphas, the strongest and deadliest of all of them, she finds herself in the middle of a whole new world.

This girl is so me. Except I would have gone super ghetto with it and been like 
                              "HEYYYYY BOO DO YOU LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? SEE THE BOOTY *turns around and points at butt*
                              THERE IS ISSSSSSS"
AlisonShanahanAussie AlisonShanahanAussie Sep 22, 2016
Don't say you're writing is boring,  it's fantastic!  Never apologise for being able to make magic. Storytelling is a gift. Those of us who love to read will always wait for you to load the next chapter when you feel it's ready. 💐
As much as i would like to be the main character and all, i would most definitely be Rose in this situation. 😂😂😂
Such a great friend 😂😂😂😂 
                              Its something i would do though