The Other Side

The Other Side

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Cruz Garcia By GarciaCreations Updated Nov 12, 2017

The small urban town of Oasis is ordinary. However, Oasis has a secret side to it. Known as The Other Side, it's a hidden part of the town only those immersed in magical know-how can travel to and from. 

Jesse is one of those people. Born at the age of 14 as an artificial human, a physical manifestation of someone else's curse, he can travel to the home land of his kind in The Other Side and his own native town of Oasis. With a passion for adventure and a curious mind, Jesse lives everyday seeing and learning more about the magical world of The Other Side.

Gavriela (Gavi for short) on the other hand, is a regular teen girl living in the estates of Oasis. But soon, her regular life will quickly change. With her family separating, Gavi's life is falling apart. Little does she know that one man from The Other Side is responsible. Although Gavi desperately tries to keep her cool, the Man from The Other Side is on the move again. And this time, he's after her life. 

When their worlds collide, they soon realize they have to work together to stop the Man from The Other Side, before he claims yet another life.

Cover made by @deliriouslyweird