Model • Camren

Model • Camren

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Lauren is a famous model, Camila simply wants to only admire her beauty. 

What happens when feelings somehow get involved and Lauren accidentally gets pregnant? 

Will this be the end to her career? How will her fans react? What will happen between her and Camila?

Intersex Camila

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I literally have no idea why I read this whole sentence in Simon's British voice, it's so random idk 😂😂
Gringos r boringggggg🤣 ariana grande last name is "Big" and austin mahone we call moHon which means poop😂😂😂
siorahako siorahako Aug 14
wow! first lauren, and then camila. i feel so attacked. but where she hide that dick tho? this is g!p right? hahahahaah
Is it bad that I've thought about how easy it would be to kill someone in their sleep on more than one occasion, I know, I have problems
Is it bad that I could kill somebody and I won't feel anything.... Ever???????
JaysAngels JaysAngels Mar 26
I find it even funnier cuz austin mahone translate to austin big piece of poop in spanish