ohshc x reader | ongoing

ohshc x reader | ongoing

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savanah By jiminables Updated Aug 05

[!] warning ; some chapters may include swearing, mature themes, or cringe worthy pick up lines.

i do not own the manga/anime ouran high school host club, nor do i own any of the characters.

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ahahaaha_no ahahaaha_no Jul 23
*very slow claps*
                              *insane laugh*
                              Hah... not for long *grabs chancla*
You know what y'all can have him the twins are hotter then him  anyways 😂😂
ahahaaha_no ahahaaha_no Jul 23
I know your in thereeeeeee
                              People have been asking where have you beeeeen
"Kissing Tamaki, what else?"
                              "He's MY boyfriend!"
                              *She gets thrown out of Japan by Kyoya who is angry because he has a crush on Tamaki*
                              *Tamaki and Kyoya live happily ever after together*
Me: *singing* ah Helllll nooooo ooohhhh oh aaaaaa (vine btw😂)
ahahaaha_no ahahaaha_no Jul 23
Excuse me 
                              "Harder than ever"
                              Yeah, that's me, just randomly slapping people 
                              "Harder than ever" 
                              That means I have slapped her before