The Moustache Girl

The Moustache Girl

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Socially-awkward Abby Waters is enjoying her summer holidays with her diaper buddy, Lindsay. But what started with just an ordinary game of Truth and Dare, turned out to be an extremely embarrassing encounter with Mr.HotBlueEyes, as she calls him. What's worse, he thought she was a guy. 

And she thought it couldn't get any worse. 

- - - - - - 
With an awkward cough, I was snapped out of my trance and I saw the guy holding me getting extremely uncomfortable. 

"Dude, you okay?"

The nameless hottie asked. Oh shit, he thinks I'm a guy. I hate you fate. He let go of me and I stood awkwardly thinking of what to say.

"Yeah. Thanks, uh, dude."

I gave him a small smile and walked off towards Lindsay who now had tears in her eyes from laughing.
- - - - - - 


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Or I could hack into files looking for a girl called Abby waters, type Ur age, birthday and school and voila *gives a satisfied smirks coz I'm a troll I do these things it's in ma blood*😎
U share ur birthday with Taylor Lautner!!!❤️💗 I like u so much already!!!
Cheeky_101 Cheeky_101 Oct 31
Lol apparently that's how I used to laugh my dad still holds it against me
Ah so there's a Ciara Davis who goes to Ur school and is a cheerleader? I'm assuming she's ur age. finding Ur school's location will be much easier with two subjects *smirks again then stalks off like a baws*😎
The song ended right when I finished reading....... Woah I think that was suppose to happen but it was cool
horcruxes_ horcruxes_ Sep 15, 2015
okay okay @tulipma you're smarter than agent abby waters, congratulations!! haha :')