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Kidnapped // d.t

Kidnapped // d.t

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wickedbridget By wickedbridget Completed

(Cover made by me)

"I love you too infinity and back."

the state or quality of being infinite.
"the infinity of space"

I started walking on the sidewalk. The streets were getting lonelier as I walked away from the school. There were barely any cars or people, so when I saw a black Mercedes SUV slowly inching towards me freaked me out. The windows were tinted so I couldn't see who was inside. Shit.

I started walking faster, which made the car go faster too. Since I'm so paranoid, I started sprinting down the sidewalk.

I could hear the car zoom next to me. The passenger door flung open and a teenage boy, and may I say a very hot teenage boy, jumped out of the car. He turned his head to see if anyone was looking, before grabbing me by the waist and opened up the back of the car. I started screaming and kicking but he wouldn't let go. He threw my backpack to the ground which had my phone in it, and threw me in the back of the trunk. He closed it and locked it.

I started screaming and hyperventilating. "Please let me go," I wailed. The boy who grabbed me got back in the passenger seat, and shut his door.

This can't be happening.

_Thatgirl_123 _Thatgirl_123 Aug 23, 2016
One is not afraid of the dark they're afraid of what's in it
                              Okay that was deep.... Very deep
wickedbridget wickedbridget Aug 06, 2016
@Mirandagran I've updated a lot this week, I hope you enjoy! ☺️