Power (Secret Circle REQUEST dedicated to lookingup247)

Power (Secret Circle REQUEST dedicated to lookingup247)

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Patricia (or just Tricia!) has a little bad girl in her, like Faye Chamberlain, and is just as blunt, but not much of a bitch, and also has a kind heart, like Melissa Glaser, and doesn't like to listen to Diana Meade or Adam Conant, and doesn't really want to get to know the new girl, Cassie Blake. 

But Nick Armstrong is a different story. They're not in love like Melissa and Nick are, but she is his best friend, because they share a couple things in common: 

They're orphans

They don't like attention.

And they don't think they deserve to have someone to love or to love them. 

So what happens when Nick dies and his brother, Jake, comes back into town, threatening to explode the rocky past between Tricia and Jake? 

You'll have to find out . . . . .

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XxxRennyDxxX XxxRennyDxxX Nov 16, 2015
Whenever I think of Tricia I think if Danielle Campbell don't know why probably because she played Davina Claire in The Originals and Davina is a witch and she is so short compared to Jake (Chris Zylka) she is only 5'2
XxxRennyDxxX XxxRennyDxxX Sep 08, 2015
Oh and Lucy has the purest white magic so after the circle is bound she can still do independent magic (please do this I think it would be really cool I just don't know how to write it) thank you :)
XxxRennyDxxX XxxRennyDxxX Sep 08, 2015
CHARMED!!!!! I love the series but I LOVE the secret circle more