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MLB Imagines || Requesting Closed

MLB Imagines || Requesting Closed

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⚾Allison Bryant⚾ By GoliathRider15 Completed

For more Chicago Cubs Imagines see the book of the same name

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©GoliathRider15 [2016]

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RaspberryLemon64 RaspberryLemon64 Aug 14, 2016
Hi! I would like to request an Anthony Rizzo imagine where you are friends and he surprises you by asking you out. I know you already wrote an Anthony Rizzo imagine, but he's so awesome and I love reading his imagines! Go Cubs and thanks!!
-westside -westside Oct 15, 2016
name: brooklyn
                              player: christian yelich
                              team: miami marlins 
                              scenario: i'm insecure about my height (i'm 5'0 ft) and he makes me feel better 
                              side characters/players: n/a 
                              anything else: no
                              thanks so much! 😋
sydneyhamer sydneyhamer Oct 30, 2016
name: Sydney 
                              player: anthony rizzo 
                              team: chicago cubs 
                              scenario: i'm a new player on the team and we play the same position and we don't like each other at first bc joe maddon starts me at 1st in the game but we win and we kiss :) 
                              side characters: players on the team 
                              thank you!!! ❤️
stitch316 stitch316 Sep 20, 2016
Can you do one about kris Bryant where he teaches your kid about baseball or goes to one of his sons baseball games? Thanks! Oh and can the boy's name be Max?
PaigeMarie174 PaigeMarie174 Oct 13, 2016
                              Aaron Sanchez 
                              Birthday pregnancy and proposal after sweep in ALDS 2016
                              Josh Donaldson, Marcus Stroman, Russell Martin, Kevin Pillar
Alyg1995 Alyg1995 Oct 28, 2016
                              kris bryant 
                              chicago cubs 
                              i get insecure about my looks and body when i see the type of gorgeous women that try to get at him but he re assures me that i'm what he wants looks and all. 
                              please and thank you:)