Let's Make Some Memories (Zane x Reader) SEQUEL *Love~Love Paradise* DISCONTINUE

Let's Make Some Memories (Zane x Reader) SEQUEL *Love~Love Paradise* DISCONTINUE

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-------- Sequel to Socially Awkward (Zane x Reader) MyStreet --------
Zane's now your boyfriend! Well, he's actually been your boyfriend for about 2 weeks now. But, somehow, Dante and Aaron managed to get their hands on some tickets for all of you to go to The Super Love~Love Paradise Resort! There seems to be a well-known legend going around that any couple who visits this resort and manages to have a great time will end up together forever.
Will the legend be true or will your vacation end in tears?


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Smolestsoph Smolestsoph Jul 18
I mean I do have a black void (I don't have a soul) but I was going for a dark purple..
since kawaii-chan was origionally a yandere but that got scrapped in the initial roleplay i really like that you are putting some aspects of this in LMSM and SA
Red one piece with a diamond cut away around the belly button, black stretchy booty shorts and a long black stripe going from the shoulder to the upper right of the diamond. this is really specific but I love it
*insert Martinez twins*
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Oh please help me lady Irene. Katelyn, hold my earnings, Now let me at that son of a biscuit!