Let's Make Some Memories (Zane x Reader) SEQUEL *Love~Love Paradise* DISCONTINUE

Let's Make Some Memories (Zane x Reader) SEQUEL *Love~Love Paradise* DISCONTINUE

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-------- Sequel to Socially Awkward (Zane x Reader) MyStreet --------
Zane's now your boyfriend! Well, he's actually been your boyfriend for about 2 weeks now. But, somehow, Dante and Aaron managed to get their hands on some tickets for all of you to go to The Super Love~Love Paradise Resort! There seems to be a well-known legend going around that any couple who visits this resort and manages to have a great time will end up together forever.
Will the legend be true or will your vacation end in tears?


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0_0 the moment you relaize youve read alot of one aurthors books ( aka the aurthour im g now )
Me- same
                              Aaron- yep
                              Me-*face red from embarrassment* WERE YOU COME FROM 
                              Aaron- i just came in you were to busy reading to realize it
GAWKIN super Minecraft Aphmau that’s what I got from gawking
Ok I want to spoil so dont read after this!
bummybums32 bummybums32 Jul 24
The only reason i dont like the sun is because it stops me from having fun and it makes me ten times sweatier and tired
The Lion King.... 
                              There's never wrong time to dress in drag.... AND DO THE HULA