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Let's Make Some Memories (Zane x Reader) SEQUEL *Love~Love Paradise* DISCONTINUE

Let's Make Some Memories (Zane x Reader) SEQUEL *Love~Love Paradise* DISCONTINUE

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The Fancy Cookie Monster <3 By Chloe3256 Completed

-------- Sequel to Socially Awkward (Zane x Reader) MyStreet --------
Zane's now your boyfriend! Well, he's actually been your boyfriend for about 2 weeks now. But, somehow, Dante and Aaron managed to get their hands on some tickets for all of you to go to The Super Love~Love Paradise Resort! There seems to be a well-known legend going around that any couple who visits this resort and manages to have a great time will end up together forever.
Will the legend be true or will your vacation end in tears?


**Everything that I mention that is from MyStreet or Love~Love Paradise belongs to Aphmau, I do not own anything from it.

** (Y/N) also belongs to you, not me

**The pictures that I use do not belong to me, all credit goes to the owners that made them.

EmeraldSama EmeraldSama Jun 13 want to cry....BUT IM A YANDEREEE!!! ZANE YOU IS MINE MAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! >:3
Just say it was on durring a commercial break for something like Live PD or American Pickers. There have been wierder commercials that Ive seen durring that show
Ember_Wolfe Ember_Wolfe Jun 12
Aph: I'll eat your breakfast
                              Me: Do that and it will be the last time you ever eat
Vitecro Vitecro Jun 11
                              Is my mind the only one who came to that when reading this? XD
Okay everyone this is my PUNdimental Class. There will be many PUNishments if you do not participate. You better start listening, or I might have to take away your IPUNs.
Ember_Wolfe Ember_Wolfe Jun 12
*hides knife behind my back* I totally trust you aph but if you touch him I will cut off your hands and rip off your head *smiles innocently*