Your Final Mistake (on hold till other story is finished)

Your Final Mistake (on hold till other story is finished)

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Autumn By Autumnchase Updated Apr 20, 2011

The house in the middle of the woods. No one person has went in and made it at alive.  

When a group of teenagers go for a hike in the woods they never thought they would  come a cross a house.  They go inside the house every thing looks normal till he start his game.  The are stuck in the house fighting for their lives. When fear enter your mind who will betray you? Everyone.  Who can you trust?  No one. 

Will they be the first to live or well the died like the rest?

Silly_Crazy_Love Silly_Crazy_Love Dec 20, 2012
Loadsa mistakes, but I can't point them all out. If you would like help, I am an editor, just get in touch x I am going to read on though, I'll ignore the mistakes for now.
Aliyxh Aliyxh Nov 04, 2012
Loool and I agree with both the comments and also u forget regularly to put the 's at the end of the words and u keep switching the words so it makes it confusing
kmb180 kmb180 Oct 31, 2012
Sorry, but I just have to mention that you're switching tenses a lot on your verbs. Try to keep it all present or past. But, otherwise a good story!
ScarlettRavenInk ScarlettRavenInk Mar 09, 2011
I so far like the story, there was a minor typo
                              Vocie instead of voice.