Her Stolen Innocence (Teen Pregnancy) [COMPLETED]

Her Stolen Innocence (Teen Pregnancy) [COMPLETED]

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Evelyn Pearce has it all. The looks, the friends, the popularity, the personality. She never chose to be popular, it just happened. To her, she just has many friends. And if you're thinking of the normal popular Queen B then you're wrong.

Evelyn is one of the nicest most kindhearted people at North East High School. So why would she deserve to be used, abused, and stolen of her innocence? It wasn't up to her, but up to a ruthless man who left her with a little something to remember him by. And what happens when she can't identify him? Put a face to the crime? Why does she only remember one thing? The piercing sapphire blue eyes that watched her as he tortured her.

Just as it seems her world will fall apart, like she has nothing to live for. Her best friend Jacob gives her hope. A reason to live. Love. Will her life fall to pieces or will Jacob help her reconstruct it?

[This is an old story. My FIRST, actually, and written four years ago. So please don't read it if you're expecting an impeccable, professional read. Thank you.]

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sincerelyours28 sincerelyours28 Mar 16, 2017
Am i the only person who has a group of frnds of crazy ppl and im one of them and no one is shy
-iamllama -iamllama Jul 14, 2016
"you should be glad i like you" haha you're so full of yourself
shyanne2015 shyanne2015 Oct 17, 2016
This is  an amazing book...I've read it twice now.
                              Its not like your typical teen pregnancy story. 🌈💜💜💕
Xeffywink Xeffywink Jan 30, 2016
Bruhh..... Fort Lauderdale has too many people. I live like 40mins away. 
                              Woooaaaashhhj , FLORIDA PEOPLE
NoLongerAHoe NoLongerAHoe Sep 28, 2016
Why would anyone know you're a virgin? It's not like people ask then say they cant be friends with you of you are! Smh
- - Apr 23, 2016
I say this about my friend because of the idiotic choices she makes but I love her to death so we kind of have a love hate relationship but that's what makes us good friends