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My Bad Habit

My Bad Habit

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littlel-lemonhead By littlel-lemonhead Updated May 30

Disclaimer,  I don't own any of these characters or the naruto franchise at all. This is all a work of fiction, not relating to the show at all. Light SasuSaku, NejiTen, and NaruHina. Heavy ShikaIno. This is my first fanfiction so please bear with me. Konoha High theme.
Ino Yamanaka. The prettiest girl in school, straight A grades, student council president, and single. If you are a boy who isn't in a relationship already, you want her. Just as simple as that really. Every boy wants her and every girl wants to be her, yeah she is that kind of girl. But her and her best friends Sakura, Tenten, and Hinata all only care about one thing, and that one thing is order. Complete and utter order from the whole student body. Any student who neglects the school rules are immediately disposed of from the school, except from two boys, Choji and Shikamaru. Choji isn't much of a problem, except for his slight tendency to eat constantly in every class, but it is Shikamaru who is constantly showing up late or not coming to class at all sometimes. And the one excuse that she hates and that he constantly uses is," it's just such a drag." One day she tires of it and demands he comes to class everyday, and they strike a deal after Shikamaru again rejects her nagging. If Shikamaru goes to class everyday, he can expect a kiss from her once a day, and if she fails to, he will go back to skipping class, but will these kisses turn into something more as Shikamaru lets out a side that not even Choji has seen more than once? Or will the kisses just make things worse for Ino Yamanaka, the school idol? 

Whatever the case, their playing on loves turf, so anything is possible.

*hands myself caffine* mature me:what have u done😨😠😬
                              Me in general: *cannot make out answer because gone insane
BoogerKing BoogerKing Jan 09
Omg hahahaha XD he's demanding her to kiss him! In-ter-est-ing...
Pin apples
                              Aka how I like to say pineapples.
                              Anime Vent #5 (?) 
                              It took my iPad forever to load episode 51 😑
The chubby dude on Ino's team, Cho I think, is up against that music dude.
                              I think chubble with win.
                              He does have a good reason, all you can eat, who couldn't turn that down?
Anime venting #2
                              Lee dying isn't the worse
                              ITS LEE NEVER BEING ABLE TO ACHIEVE HIS GOAL!!
                              IM CRYING INSIDE AND OUT ITS SO DAMN SAD!