Nerd Crush **edited**

Nerd Crush **edited**

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kenna🌧 By Thenutinnutella Updated Jun 26, 2014

❝It's just a game.❞ He huffed with a smirk.
    ❝Yea, I game that almost cost someone's life!❞ I screamed back, feeling my anger rise.
     ❝The game isn't over until there is a winner, and a loser.❞ At that exact moment, i felt like I was floating.

In high school all boys do is make bets and do games. The boys in Duwamps High have made a new type of game, that boys of the school have been playing for ages: populare ludos
The most popular of the popular boys are chosen and put to the test to see how well they are at being popular.
The game is filled with different bets, new bet each year.
This year four lucky guys get the hardest bet of them all.
Make a nerd fall in love with you.
Then after the bet is over you break their heart.
What happens when four of the rudest boys are paired up with the sweetest girls in the school?
Will they even let the boys in?
Will the boys be able to break up with them?

A/N: If you previously read the story, i edited it and changed it up, a lot.
cover by @ruinlands

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Kyra_KR Kyra_KR Jul 12, 2017
Loved the way these lines were written! You have achieved the desired result!
Kyra_KR Kyra_KR Jul 12, 2017
Oh here they are-Duwamps High'a popular girls. (Just a suggestion)
Kyra_KR Kyra_KR Jul 12, 2017
I love this line! Oh I can so imagine him leaning on it!
                              Makes you want to fall in love with him!
Kyra_KR Kyra_KR Jul 12, 2017
her sister, Addison's sixteenth birthday.
                              You can also write "Addison's sweet sixteen" instead of 16th birthday
Kyra_KR Kyra_KR Jul 12, 2017
It would be better if you rephrase this....
                              Something like...
                              As the hallways emptied, English with Mr.Rothess began and ironically, all our characters so far are in this class! (Just a suggestion)
Kyra_KR Kyra_KR Jul 12, 2017
About these dialogue tags, I've noticed that you have used a 'fullstop' grammatically that's incorrect  (not that I'm too high on grammar but I've learnt a thing or two XD) 
                              You always put a comma.
                              "Dane. Dana Reed," he said....