The Prime Of The Outcasts

The Prime Of The Outcasts

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"Magic is not something that is out of our control. It lies within us, embeds itself deep inside our hearts and looks upon its master for directions".


You would never think of a small unfamiliar town such as Tarmonty to hold anyone special. Not a working-class community with no gold nor silver to spare. Not a town with hay roof cottages and dead plant life. Well that's what you might think. That's what the local residents in Tarmonty suspect as well. But they couldn't be far from wrong...

When a group of criminal masterminds return to the town in order to complete their set task, the townfolk take cover. But they don't understand - they never will. That organisation aren't after the penniless souls - they are after the magical beings. They want to suck the magic out of every last supernatural person in hope of gaining full power over the world. 

That's why it's important young fifteen year old  Serena Pavock stays safe. But how long can she protect herself from the organisation for? How long can she go without telling anyone (even her family) that she is not all she says she is? 

Join her, as she battles a new realm far from home where she must eventually choose between doing what is right, and what is easy. Discover the secrets that lie in a whole new world, that Serena will have to try and escape from before it's too late.

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