What Is Love

What Is Love

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Keisha2Geeky By Keisha2Geeky Updated Aug 23, 2016

"Honey are you ready for your first day at school?"my mom asked smiling a wide smile.

"Yeah im so excited." I answered sarcastically, rolling my eyes.

"Aww come on sweety it'll be fun. You'll enjoy it." I sighed and played with my bowl of cereal. 

My mom had just moved fron where we originally lived, and where i grew up in, to this place that i didnt quite adjust to as yet. We moved because of her new job. I was a liitle bummed when i found out that we were moving,but i didnt mind since i wasnt leaving anything behind. I had no friends, close friends to be exact. In school i liked sticking by myself not because i was a loner, i just like being alone. Im a girl who doesnt like to show her emotions. I had a short temper. Everyone knew not to fuck with me because i wouldnt be afraid to tell you off and put you in your place. People at school always see me as the tough rebel i guess. But what they dont see is that i have emotions,feelings all those things, its just not me to show it.


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