BLS #1 : Red String of Fate

BLS #1 : Red String of Fate

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Janice Martana By beyondlocks Completed

BLS #1

Aaron Samuel
He's a billionare that gets worship by women and hate by man. He never fails to make girls screaming for him , he never tried hard to get a girl. All he do is winked and smirked , they fall to his feet. Never get rejected.

Sophia Celastio
She's completely a daddy's girl , sweetheart and an easy going girl. She doesn't like arrogant and heartless people , that's why she doesn't like when a billionare hit on her. For Sophia , Billionare always gets what they want and in the end of the day , they'll throw you like trash.

"Playing hard to get beautiful?" Aaron whispered into her ear

"Goodluck with that" Sophia smirked

edited : Leah Aldarondo

SamirahX SamirahX Sep 23, 2016
You mean his speeding right?I mean driving skills tf is that?Unless your a 24 hrs a day everywhere u go?
hamiltonsky hamiltonsky Oct 23, 2016
I groaned as I threw my pillow away [...]. Strike out "who is"
*looks down* .... she is wearing the same clothes as me...YASSSS
hamiltonsky hamiltonsky Oct 23, 2016
I'll take correcting seriously. "tries" instead of "try", isn't it?
SofiaRC2025 SofiaRC2025 Nov 13, 2016
Thats my name
                              Except mine is spelled with an f instead of ph
LauraBebe7 LauraBebe7 Jan 07
Did he have Regina george by his side? Hahahaha 😁😁😁