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Not who you think (PDH x reader)

Not who you think (PDH x reader)

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Kawaii_girl11 By Kawaii_girl11 Updated 3 days ago

Y/N~Your name (DUH)
F/C~Favorite Color(I'm getting tired of saying DUH so I'm gonna stop XD)

Your POV
I went downstairs to make sure my 'dad'
was asleep. I checked the time on my phone. "It's only 6:12" I whispered. I went to the kitchen, grabbed an apple and rushed out the door. I went to a park bench, sat down, popped in my earbuds and listened to music.
(Play Music)
"I'm sitting with an empty glass 
And broken heart
Thinking to myself
What have I done
And as my future got bright
It stated losing light
And I couldn't see that you were the one
So can we push push push rewind
Go go back back in time
When we were kids sneaking bottles of wine
Take take take me back 
I want to go back
Back to what we had
Do you remember when we started this mess
My heart was beating out of my chest
Remember when we stole your dad's car
I never thought we'd take it that far
Ya we were flying so high
Ya partners in crime
So why'd we have to say goodbye
Remember when we when we

CattyGirl1 CattyGirl1 May 15
Don't say your unattractive every one is beautiful in their own way !!!!!
LAURANCE~SENPAI (You will see that most of my reading list are Laurance x readers a couple of Travis x readers Aparri x readers and Julian2 x readers...Idk)
Bebnubs Bebnubs Mar 05
My hairs green and my names Joker. Dunno why I wanted to call myself that