When I Found You

When I Found You

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LilJayRiot By LilJayRiot Updated Jan 02

Jack: What's up Markifellow :p

Mark: Who tf are you

Jack: I'm your conscience

Mark: Funny 

Here it is you guys!! Have fun reading!! Or don't. It's how you feel bout it. But I recommend you have fun dammit! Luv u~

GwenMills GwenMills Sep 27, 2016
And thoes potatoes are the same way I make mine. Everyone goes nuts over them. 😸😹
Kopykater Kopykater Nov 12, 2016
*Sees the picture of potatoes* LIESS!!!! MARK DOESN'T COOK THAT WAY!!!
GwenMills GwenMills Sep 28, 2016
ooo little friend. 😹 More like big friend if you no what I mean. Lol.
GwenMills GwenMills Sep 27, 2016
lmao. I loved every moment of this I'm so adding this to my library.
Let me count these checks
                              Flex on my ex
                              They don't got no respect
                              Break up in a text
                              Smoke all in a g
                              T-3 fly off in a jet, ZOOM!