When I Found You

When I Found You

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LilJayRiot By LilJayRiot Updated Jul 03

Jack: What's up Markifellow :p

Mark: Who tf are you

Jack: I'm your conscience

Mark: Funny 

Here it is you guys!! Have fun reading!! Or don't. It's how you feel bout it. But I recommend you have fun dammit! Luv u~

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I'm waiting for my text to be answered too.Jack is #relatable
loffiee loffiee May 05
You left him hanging!! Now he's doomed to an existence of awkwardly waiting for a hug with his arms open wishing someone would free him from this curse..
                              Mark, you could've stopped this...
loffiee loffiee May 05
Hypothetical and existential issues regarding humanity and the awareness of existence.
Sofia92404 Sofia92404 Sep 24
JACK IS BACK! TELL A FRIEND (Hehe see what I did there? Btw HAI JAY!!!^^)
xxDantixx xxDantixx Apr 17
loffiee loffiee May 05
*Steelz* Everyone else in the comments wishes for the potatoes..
                              I reach for my goals...
                              NO I DON'T CARE IF IT'S ILLEGAL