Sold To The Ruthless Alpha King #Wattys2017 || ON HOLD

Sold To The Ruthless Alpha King #Wattys2017 || ON HOLD

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_RavishingRuby_ By _RavishingRuby_ Updated Apr 25, 2017

The Alpha King smirked as April's jaw fell. "What the?!" She gasped as Mason came close to her ear,"Shut up and play along if you wish to live." He whispered threateningly in her left ear. By this point tears started welling up in her eyes as no one in her pack defended her. 

She was practically being sold!

April cowered behind the pages of her book and left the tears fall silently. How could she move away to a place where a ruthless man lives? He killed women, children and men without a care in the world. She hated him, he was a cruel bast@rd that deserved a lesson that she was determined to teach him.

A/N : first 5 chapters are not really in anyone's POV but from chapter 6 the story will continue in April's POV


This tale is anything but cliché... 


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yeah your pack seems so much better hun their selling you off to someone like that!
baby_tyasia baby_tyasia Dec 23, 2017
I would have said go ahead bc I don't wanna see your damn face everyday
MilzyStyle MilzyStyle Jan 31, 2017
When he said "I would've killed you" I would be like "yes please"
this1heart this1heart Aug 08, 2016
Awesome chapter love it who is listing in on the girls conversation?? 
                              Have a good night or day wherever you are 
                              Love Tiana
this1heart this1heart Aug 03, 2016
I love the prologue it's a good story lines be keep writing 
                              Love Tiana xxx
SteffyCoke SteffyCoke Aug 03, 2016
Says the girl who stuffed herself... 🙄 "You being fake is dirty."