Dear Everyone; L.h

Dear Everyone; L.h

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Kenzi By lonelygoon Updated Apr 17

{Dear daddy 2} 
"Who even are you anymore, Luke?" 

"I don't know" 

Copyright @FingerMeCal 

Trigger warning

senpai_saeran senpai_saeran Oct 20, 2016
This book gives me the feels, okay?! I'm crying and my parents think I'm insane
Xx_FlowerChild_xX Xx_FlowerChild_xX Dec 18, 2016
so Ik this is suppose to be sad but her name is Lisa and his moms names is Liz he such a moss boy he gotta wife that almost has same name
maelxn maelxn Oct 31, 2016
Your story triggered me. I'm not triggered easily. Good job. (Dear Daddy)
-whydontwe -whydontwe Sep 29, 2016
I love you and your story SM. Your books make me cry and I legit was crying in school and my friends had to hug me for me to calm down. You are an amazing writer, and never stop. Love you歹
Nikster4 Nikster4 Jan 13
Crying by here :( just 'cause i know what's gon' happen 'cause i have read the first one
em_loves_bands em_loves_bands Dec 16, 2016
My unicorn has a manic banana peel that loves you....(it's me)