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Message Delivered

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stac By Goldiplier Updated 5 days ago

Jacksepticeye: I saw your latest video

Jacksepticeye: I'm still so sorry

Jacksepticeye: I'm glad you found someone new. 

Jacksepticeye: I'm glad you're happy.

Message Delivered

ongoing series - 22,230 words
second book in the 'Message' series
lowercase intended
other ships may be included such as Ryan&Matt (SuperMega) and Felix&Ken (Pewdiepie) & (CinnamonToastKen)

Anti_Septic_Sean Anti_Septic_Sean Dec 19, 2016
LET'S READ THIS SON OF A BITCH *Grabs tissue box and ice cream* I'M READY FOR THE FEELZ!
Kittykaty1213 Kittykaty1213 Dec 22, 2016
hold up bitches i sense the feelzzzzzzzzzzzzz! *grabs tissues and cake* Bring it on bitches!
jizzy_potato jizzy_potato Oct 18, 2016
You do you 
                              I'll do me 
                              We won't do eachother ...
CookieMcLoughlin CookieMcLoughlin Dec 19, 2016
I like how you're all formal to the newcomers and to us you're just like YO WHAT UP MAH HOMIES
McFuckyou McFuckyou Aug 23, 2016
B*tch please no one else is good enough for Mark. (Sorry Amy)
Amazingiplierisjack Amazingiplierisjack Oct 19, 2016
I deeply apologise for everything hateful I've said and I hope you know I don't mean it *hugs*