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Queen By CrownedDrarry Updated Jan 08

Have you ever thought for one second, that ive felt something towards you, other than hate, Potter?

Infact, it may be the complete opposite of hate.

But, its merely imlossible.
We are enemies, after all...
Youd probably think i had been poisoned, if i actually told you.

And id also think youd be poisoned, or cursed with some sort of Love Potion, if you told me you were inlove with me.

Merely impossible.

annielou9019 annielou9019 Oct 02, 2016
C'mom we all really know that he's actually having wet dreams about Malfoy
sketch28 sketch28 Oct 21, 2016
If it makes you feel any better Harry i actually have family and they all pretty much act like I don't exist when it comes to holidays. My parents are always working, my sister hates me and the rest of my family never contacts me.
annielou9019 annielou9019 Oct 02, 2016
0-100 real quick like I spat out my cearel(that had no milk in it btw) all over my bed why