Puddin |Jared Leto| (ON HOLD)

Puddin |Jared Leto| (ON HOLD)

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Daddy J By xPierceTheCourtneyx Updated Jan 11, 2017

Joker x Reader x Harley fanfic.

I look for the source of the loud clash seeing one of my living room windows busted, I walk over to the window seeing a little joker card saying 
"I admire you~ H.Q".
I sat there astonished before looking on the back of the card seeing a picture of my dad tied up in the basement taped on the back, I immediately panicked running over to the basement door.

Both the bolt lock and the lock on the door handle were locked but a smudge of blue and red paint was on each lock. I stand there in disbelief, who was H.Q? And how did he or she even know who I am? What if they tell on me? Would i get in trouble? Or would both my dad and H.Q go to jail for child abuse and breaking and entering?.

WARNINGS: Smut, language, violence etc


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ACupOfSuga13 ACupOfSuga13 Mar 25, 2017
Don't be a hoe reader Chan 
                              Be a Mega  hoe 
                              Transformers assemble
                              Mega hoe assemble
graysonsstalker graysonsstalker May 01, 2017
I love how joker and Harley are both kinda attracted to me Hehe.. My favs
ACupOfSuga13 ACupOfSuga13 Mar 25, 2017
-looks at the sex toys- Thing these are urs I have no use for this like WTF is a butt plug are
NinnyBee02 NinnyBee02 Sep 01, 2016
😂😂can u really find this on polyvore cause I've never seen anything like that before
Armisa_Luv Armisa_Luv Dec 28, 2016
Bro even in the comics it's not this bad Gotham is chill when your not in the wrong crowd
emokid_0901 emokid_0901 Oct 23, 2016
Cute but I wish it was skinny jeans band tee beanie and black lipstick