She Can Still See Colors ( Mystreet X Cursed Reader

She Can Still See Colors ( Mystreet X Cursed Reader

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yolo By Mystery_Girl-MCD Updated Sep 03, 2016

A girl of the age (Y/a)-(your age)
Moved to a new street called My street! Where she meets a lot of her old friends from high school!

On her adventures she would fall in love and goes through heart break even just make some really good best friend!

And the girls name was 

  • aaron
  • aphmau
  • cursed
  • dante
  • garroth
  • lurence
  • mystreet
  • travis
  • xreader
  • zane
MichaelMellisMyChild MichaelMellisMyChild Oct 18, 2017
                              Ice blue 
                              Dusty pink 
                              Pastel blue 
                              Mint green
(before reading the rest of father) her fat?(after) oh her fat- her father
Zylacore Zylacore Jul 28, 2017
There is proof of witches existing maybe not demons or angels, but still witches and magic. Do you know someone named Lucinda? She's a witch. 
                              Disclaimer: This is not aimed towards the author, but towards Herald.
Zylacore Zylacore Jul 28, 2017
WHY?! Why doesn't Hyria curse him instead of his bloodline that had absolutely nothing to do with his evilness!
_Addi_bxtch_ _Addi_bxtch_ Jul 30, 2017
Uh I honestly am not feeling anything right now...yeah ik my souls is black...who am I kidding I don't have one
Angel_Island Angel_Island Oct 16, 2017
Okay. The eye color is fine. My OCs eyes are Silver. Soooooooooooooooooo................... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯