She Can Still See Colors ( Mystreet X Cursed Reader

She Can Still See Colors ( Mystreet X Cursed Reader

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yolo By Mystery_Girl-MCD Updated Sep 03, 2016

A girl of the age (Y/a)-(your age)
Moved to a new street called My street! Where she meets a lot of her old friends from high school!

On her adventures she would fall in love and goes through heart break even just make some really good best friend!

And the girls name was 

I think this would be better as a MCD, no offense tho! It's still good
Fangirling_Faith Fangirling_Faith Aug 08, 2016
OMG!!!!! The feels! I'm a huge Disney fan, so it instantly reminded me of Beauty and the Beast! This was really good!!!!
                              MY DAD IS NOW A BOX!!! 📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦
Hey_Itz_Cookie_Tan Hey_Itz_Cookie_Tan Nov 22, 2016
WHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HELP MEH PLZ I AM DYING from CRYING i'm a port and don't know it
3timescried 3timescried Nov 11, 2016
Well this is awkward... I'm not related to half my family.... The ones I'm closer to too... Oh well * in head edits story to fit complicated life *
mialee01 mialee01 Dec 18, 2016
Tsk tsk move along woman i am blind do you got *someone covers my mouth* bdjcyd d I f ylri cdodi