The Alpha's Angel

The Alpha's Angel

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"Something is different about her." I hear Dana say to Bentley as I play with the baby before me.

"How so?" He asks.

"I don't know, shes like more vibrant." Dana says, "like a glow." 
"Oh I get what your saying, but she's always had that glow." Bentley says and I smile.

If only they knew.

- - -
*Sequel to Human Luna, so you must read it for this.story to make sense*

These are completely my ideas, so don't take them!

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy!♡

PaulaMuscat PaulaMuscat 2 days ago
Im back to continue da story 😃 although from da description i think i know what its about
Wait her mom? Am I thinking bout a different book or did she find her mom after hiding?
I think that proves how lit fries are *zooms in* I'll go home
SunKilleer SunKilleer Aug 11
Wait didn't she have a car named dill or did we all just forget about that completely
Tell me why, when I was little I used to think they said 'awfully wedded wife' ?!?😂😂😑😑
They should have kept the wedding dress on for the dance 😕