Text Me Sometime (MLB Soulmate AU)

Text Me Sometime (MLB Soulmate AU)

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Marinette Dupain-Cheng By __Miraculous_Mari__ Updated 4 days ago

Everyone knows that most times their soul mates are right in front of their faces but they never knew that that person was perfect for them, what if their was a system in the world that as soon as you got your first cell phone there was immediately an app installed called 'Soulmate' and it immediately connected you to the person that was meant to be your soulmate.

Adrien was never allowed a phone after his mother died because his father wanted him and his soulmate to never meet, and Marinette would text her soulmate a message everyday never receiving a reply because her soulmate either did not have a phone yet or He just didn't want to respond, Adrien never knew of the messages that he was receiving from his soulmate but his father did and he dispized that Adrien's soulmate was so eager to meet him, even if she did already know him and was close friends with him.

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