Clandestine Affair

Clandestine Affair

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Forever Lolita❤️ By Valencia_Carmelita Updated Jan 16

 Raised for her entire life by an abusive single mother, 16 year old Liyana has become adjusted to a life of misery. Her only source of comfort, her best friend Kelly Davidson has committed suicide. The  torment at school from bullying students increases ever more. 

One day Liyana's life transitions from poverty to luxury when her custody is forced into the hands of billionaire Aaron Jacob Wexford. 

A decision he's unable to opt out of due to the promises of his past. But he makes no effort to conceal his displeasure from having the teenager around.

 Liyana finds herself drawn to him from their very first encounter. Eager to please, she develops an unhealthy addiction to her adoptee. 

However, in an instant..a life of ease can appear a short lived moment. 
Little does Liyana know that she will be caught in the middle of a serial killers web of deceit.

The content of the story will contain suspense, drug addiction, child neglect, teenage bullying, angst, depression, murder, suicide, daddy-issues, prohibited relationship, slight-Angst, daddy-kink.

  • billionaire
  • daddy-issues
  • daddykink
  • dark
  • ddlg
  • murder
  • mystery-thriller
  • romance
  • thriller
  • toxic
Joker_is_bae18 Joker_is_bae18 Sep 10, 2017
I would have to lay that bitch out. Idgaf if I get suspended for 2 months it would be worth it
-monarchy -monarchy May 08, 2017
Yana's upbringing is so despondent but it's evident the amount of strength she has. Does her mother feel shame and is that the reaso that she refuses to see her? And in a way I'm not all too hyped about the father. He's been sending her money but hasn't tried to see her? This should be interesting.
-monarchy -monarchy Apr 11, 2017
And she didn't even need to cash her outside 
                              How bout dat?
FabMe994 FabMe994 Aug 28, 2016
Again An amazing story published by uh......m really luking forward to read dis story also as I knw uh r such a fabulous plz frst complete deviation as I m vry much addicted to dat story.... pretty please😍
alienplanet_98 alienplanet_98 Aug 31, 2016
I really really like this book already 😍
                              I hope you update soon this book as well as the other 😍😍