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Hope :D By SepticeyeLadd Completed

Who would've know that Call of Duty Zombies, YouTubers, and reality, don't mix well together. I figured this out as soon as the apocalypse hit. 

My names (Y/N). I'm a 21 year old girl that loved to play video games and make videos about it then and post it to YouTube, well I did before this hit. My YouTube name was The Gaming Theory (Not associated with my other book!) I had around 3 million subscribers and was living a damn good life in Los Angeles. Then...... It all just went away, just like that. No one knows how. No one knows why, it all just happened. Now, I'm fighting for my own survival against the undead. That was until I met a group of guys, and that changed everything for my survival.

I'm very bad when it comes to descriptions, but when it comes to the actual book, that's when things heat up! If the first few chapters are shit I really am sorry, but trust me it will get better!

(This is an xreader type book!) (On going story!) (Caution: Strong Language!) (Caution: Some descriptive parts!)


U guys are worrying about Tim and Clark while i!m worrying about how you can be on acid and acid goes completely through you
h2ochanade h2ochanade May 31
I'm just imagining this as me graduating high school and being valedictorian and in my speech just saying 'I didn't like you. Never liked you. NOW YOU. I ESPECIALLY DIDNT LIKE YOU'
afk777 afk777 Jun 11
"What the hell is this guy on? And where can I get some" same jk
Vernonan Vernonan May 28
                              TYLER AND CRAIG NOT TIM AND CLARK
This sounds like it could be Old man mcGucket from Gravity Falls 😂