I'm A Model That's Undercover As The School's Nerd **Rewritten**

I'm A Model That's Undercover As The School's Nerd **Rewritten**

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Ambria Rayne By KittyKattt_ Updated Jun 29

What would you do if you lived the life as Clover Thompson ? Nerd during the school day and Lucky, the supermodel after school hours. Clover has been a model since she was two years old, but her career really took off at age 15 when she started modeling for the biggest companies like; Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe, Hollister, Nike and her most well known one today, Victoria Secret. 

At age eighteen, Clover has become the number one model in the world. But there's a catch to her high life, no one in school know's she's a model except her family, her best friend, Tori, and school officials. And no one would suspect her secret when she wears: fake glasses, a wig, and some stage makeup pieces. 

To the world, she's known as Victoria Secret Angel, Lucky, to her school classmates, she's known as Clover Thompson. But as everyone knows, a perfect life can't last forever. So what happens when Clover's fourth and final year of high school she gets assigned to work on a project with the notorious player of the school, Andrew Carter? Questions can't help but arise, will he find out her secret? Will they be forced to spend more time together? Will her double life become too much to become hidden? Come and find out in, I'm a Model That's Undercover As The School's Nerd.

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- - Aug 13
I'm so proud! ^^ I'll definitely purchase when they are available
Well, I don't want any directed at me either, so I get your point xD
- - Dec 27, 2016
I think that she's just rewriting it to make changes or fix mistakes from the first one.
MadKiller66 MadKiller66 Oct 13, 2016
Are there gonna be changes in the book to where I should go back and read this one? I will read it anyways, but will there be major changes?
12smileD 12smileD Nov 06, 2016
Is a lot going to change in this series? Plus I really like your books . Cant wait till you rewrite it!xx
Snowfall1379 Snowfall1379 Sep 25, 2016
Just an opinion, I like the cover on the first version better