The Tales of Nightwatcher

The Tales of Nightwatcher

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The Most Awesome People You Will Ever Meet By CloudtailGrandmas Updated Nov 01

Life was an adventure for young Streamkit, a roaring river filled with adventure bubbling beneath its surface and danger around every bend. But one step wrong landed him in the medicine den, and his river of adventure ran dry.

Until unlikely replenishment comes in the form of one of the Clan's oldest elders.

Nightwatcher has seen more than most cats, and with a life empty and dry as Streamkit's drought, the kits mishaps could be just what he needs. Life isn't always a fairy tale, things go wrong and a happy ending doesn't always end the journey, but Nightwatcher has a story or two of his own to tell. All he needed was a listener, and no cat volunteered to eavesdrop on his past.

That is, until Streamkit's river of adventure needed filling again.

Silver, this is BEAUTIFUL! I absolutely love the Cinderella reference!
FanPancake FanPancake Aug 25
I'm excited to read more! It's different then other fanfictions, so I'm happy to read something more diverse!
This is such a great idea! Are all of Nightwatcher's stories going to be based off of fairytales? Because that would be PERFECT!!
The description is very cleverly written... interesting story!
The moment it said that the cats father became mated to a she cat with to daughters I was like yup it Cinderella :3
lillygirlio lillygirlio Aug 25
Poor Streamkit. Sounds like a good story, though! Looking forward to it!